Self Myofascial Release Workshop – Let it all go!
Dare to let go and let tensions stored in the body be released. Let Qi/Prana/Life energy flow freely within the body and soul.Breathe. Creating space and flexibility.Allow all your tissues a well-earned recovery. By using tennis balls and blocks, you give your body a warm and curious massages of your connective tissue, the myofascia. From time to time we land in soft and relaxing yin poses and we will finish the class with a long rest and meditation.A small breakfast will be served after the class on April 8.Welcome to a workshop with both oh, ah, aouch and aha!

Plats: Isensi Pilatesstudio
Instruktör: Niki Schönsröm
Workshopen hålls på Engelska
April 7: 18.30-21.00
April 8: 7.30-09.00
Pris: 800Kr
I priset ingår även en lätt frukost på lördagsmorgonen efter avslutad workshop.
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